Project ATLiS is a development initiative to extract and produce battery-spec lithium products utilizing geothermal brines from the Salton Sea geothermal resource area. Project ATLiS brings together proven processes and technologies and is supported by world-class vendors and their engineering teams.

Project Snapshot

  • The Project is located in Southern California, USA; approximately 200 miles east of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach.

  • The nameplate capacity is 16,500 tonnes per annum of LCE.

  • The brine resource has been flowing at commercial quantities for over 7 years (7,000 gpm / 1,574 m3/hr) demonstrating viability.  $100M well field in operation since 2012.

  • Competitive production costs.

  • No sovereign and geopolitical risk.

  • Low environmental impacts and carbon footprint

  • 2021 – forecast start of construction.

  • 2023 – forecast start of operations with immediate deliveries.

Featherstone Geothermal Plant
Featherstone Geothermal Plant

PlantTest_DSC9288 copy
PlantTest_DSC9288 copy


Featherstone Geothermal Plant
Featherstone Geothermal Plant


Project Site Location



The transition to high-performance lithium batteries for transportation and energy storage applications promises to deliver numerous environmental benefits.  To maximize those benefits and satisfy growing consumer demand, resourcing key material inputs must utilize best environmental practices and processes. 

  • The Project requires only 12 hectares in total land.

  • CO2 emissions are the lowest of any lithium resource type.

  • Low solid generation rates with beneficial co-products possible.

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