At EnergySource Minerals, we believe in a world where lithium extraction can be low cost, low carbon, safe, and efficient to operate. ESM has achieved this goal with our proprietary Integrated Lithium Adsorption Desorption (“ILiAD”) technology.  ILiAD combines a superior lithium selective adsorbent with the mechanical elegance of continuous bed processing to deliver best in class lithium recovery, low capital, and operating costs for lithium separation, with the lowest environmental footprint.

Economic Performance

ILiAD is a technology platform capable of unlocking major brine resources. For salars, ILiAD can greatly increase reserves with cost effective recovery of lithium at concentrations previously deemed uneconomic. ILiAD is a key process element for the production of battery spec lithium carbonate or hydroxide and can be integrated into conventional downstream crystallization processes.


ILiAD Delivers:

  • New enterprise value with Li reserves previously unrealized

  • Lowest cost; eliminating ponds and reagents

  • Shortest processing time (hours not months)

  • Proven technologies

ILiAD uses a proprietary adsorbent with impressive selectivity for lithium and excellent rejection of monovalent and divalent ions without the use of acid/base reagents. ESM utilizes best in class continuous bed processing equipment to offer a modular approach that offers high reliability and the flexibility to be built out in phases. Each module can process the equivalent of 2,500 to 3,500 tpa LCE depending on the brine composition.

Pilot trials confirm monovalent and divalent removal rates of >99.5%, with over 90% lithium recovery. ESM is deploying ILiAD technology at its Project ATLiS, where lithium concentrations are below 300 ppm and calcium concentrations are in excess of 30,000 ppm, with outstanding results.

EnergySource Minerals Brine Resource ILiAD Product

Environmental Performance

The transition to high-performance lithium batteries for transportation and energy storage applications promises to deliver numerous environmental benefits.  To maximize those benefits and satisfy growing consumer demand, resourcing key material inputs must utilize the best environmental practices and processes. 


ILiAD Delivers:

  • Lowest carbon footprint

  • Low water use

  • Smallest land footprint (~5ha)

  • Lowest chemical use

Customer Focused Solution

ILiAD has been extensively vetted through pilot operations and welcomes an opportunity to demonstrate on site performance and collaborate on partnerships with continental brine operators, petrolithium resources, and geothermal brine producers.