At EnergySource Minerals, we believe in a world where lithium extraction can be low cost, low carbon, safe and efficient to operate.  We invite you to learn more about how we do this at Project ATLiS, our premier lithium project under development in California,  USA, and through our ILiAD technology, a platform capable of unlocking major brine resources.

Lithium Recovery

Project ATLiS is a development initiative to extract and produce battery-spec lithium products utilizing geothermal brines from California’s Salton Sea geothermal resource area.  

Technology Licensing

Integrated Lithium Adsorption Desorption or “ILiAD”, a platform to unlock major brine resources.

Environmental Advantage

EnergySource Minerals will produce battery-spec lithium products from geothermal brines resulting in the smallest land use and carbon footprint in the industry.

 Division of Environmental Geosciences 
Corporate Award for
Excellence in Environmental Stewardship


Award Winner

This prestigious award is given to a business or organization which has demonstrated stewardship through proactively and creatively integrating and harmonizing environmental, economic, and social factors in its business strategies, operations, and actions. EnergySource Minerals' work in lithium extraction has been recognized for its innovative processes.

Division of Environmental Geosciences 
Corporate Award for
Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

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