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ILiAD is the industry's most efficient brine processing technology

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Subsurface hot high-pressure brine extracted.

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Geothermal power is extracted and converted into electric energy at an existing geothermal facility.

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Brine is processed through the industry’s only tested, patented Lithium extraction technology, ILiAD.

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Brine is reinjected into an underground reservoir, completing the closed-loop system.

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FOREFRONT of the global Lithium extraction market

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Our proprietary ILiAD Lithium processing platform can be deployed wherever there are Lithium brine resources, replacing hard rock Lithium mining and massive evaporation operations. 


This will result in game-changing reductions in cost, carbon, water and environmental footprints.  EnergySource Minerals is far ahead of others in the industry, with existing infrastructure, proven technology and instant commercial viability.