EnergySource Minerals is a privately held company leading the development of Project ATLiS, a premier lithium project located in Imperial County, California, United States.

EnergySource Minerals’ team is comprised of leaders in industrial project development, continuous

adsorption and ion exchange processes, and battery materials. A 30-year veteran of ion exchange and adsorption technology, Dr. Charles Marston has led the ILiAD technology project as Senior Development Officer. Dr. David Deak (President of Marbex LLC, former CTO of Lithium Americas, ex-Tesla) and John Featherstone, CTO of EnergySource Minerals, provide leadership support for ILiAD and our own project development efforts.

EnergySource Minerals, in coordination with its EnergySource affiliate focused on geothermal power operations and development on the Salton Sea resource area, has assembled an experienced team with extensive experience in every stage of project origination, permitting, plant engineering, construction, project financing, and operations.


ERIC SPOMER | President & CEO

Over 33 years of experience in energy industry project development, project finance, and management. 15 years leading renewable energy project development teams.

DEREK BENSON | Chief Operating Officer

Over 20 years of experience in power generation and renewable energy project development. Currently oversees geothermal power operations and the project development team. Formerly renewable project lead for Reliant Energy and Catalyst Renewables.

DANA KRZYSTON | Chief Financial Officer

CPA who joined the Company in 2013.  Previously worked in the biotech industry with several early stage companies developing business and accounting functions through acquisition or IPO.

JOHN FEATHERSTONE | Chief Technical Officer

Over 42 years of geothermal experience as production engineer, production superintendent, general manager, zinc project manager, chief technical officer and senior vice president of engineering and operations.

CHARLES MARSTON | Senior Development Officer

Dr. Charles Marston, President of Marston Hydro-Met LLC and inventor of ILiAD, has been exclusively engaged with EnergySource Minerals since 2016 with a keen focus on the development of a continuous adsorption/desorption process for separation of lithium from the Hudson Ranch Power 1 Salton Sea Geothermal Brine Resource.  Dr. Marston has 35 years of specialty ion exchange experience and served as “Global Application Development Leader” at Dow Water & Process Solutions and was responsible for Dow’s technical strategy in mining hydrometallurgy, IX chemical processing and IX catalysis.  He is highly skilled in hydrometallurgical separations, particularly via continuous processing techniques and is the primary inventor on more than a dozen active hydrometallurgical patents.  

PAUL HANSON | Senior Process Engineer

Over 25 years of experience in project and plant engineering. Over 16 years in the geothermal energy industries. Installed and operated a lithium extraction pilot plant located at a geothermal power plant.

MICHAEL GARSKA | Senior Process Engineer

Mr. Garska has 35 years of experience in the minerals industry ranging from bench-scale research and development, pilot plant scale-up, plant engineering, and design, through plant startup and operations.  He has developed and implemented novel technologies in selective flocculation, waste recovery, and co-product recovery. He is currently a Senior Process Engineer with EnergySource Minerals and has been involved with the development of a process for recovering lithium and other minerals from geothermal brine for the past nine years.

DOUGLAS R. POWELL PE | VP, Engineering & Construction

Over 46 years of experience in power generation, including 32 years in geothermal design and development. Assumed the lead role in managing all construction activities for the Featherstone Plant.

NATHAN FEATHERSTONE | Construction Manager

Over 24 years of experience in EPC Projects with focus in renewable power, fossil power, and fossil power scrubbers. Emphasis on construction planning, management, engineering, and supervision of complete EPC projects.

JURG HEUBERGER | SVP, Permitting & Compliance

Dedicated 36 years to the Imperial County Planning & Development Services Department. He currently holds various contractor licenses through the California State Contractors License Board, and holds professional certificates under the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). 

DAVID DEAK | Advisor

Dr. David Deak is an entrepreneur whose expertise spans across lithium mining development, battery supply chain developments, energy storage, renewable energy, and electric vehicles. He is President of Marbex LLC, was formerly the CTO and SVP of Lithium Americas Corp., and is an alum of Tesla Inc., Ambri Inc. (MIT start-up), Lux Research Inc., and Siemens Wind Power. He was educated at the University of Toronto and Oxford University.