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Green Car Congress (September 17, 2022) Koch invests $252M in Compass Minerals to support development of lithium brine project in Utah; ESM for DLE

PBS (September 16, 2022) San Diego Company Creates Partnership To Mine Lithium for Battery Powered Cars

Electrek (September 15, 2022) Ford, LG Energy supplier using lithium extraction with 'minimal environmental impact' to produce EV battery metals

Reuters (September 14, 2022) Compass Minerals picks lithium extraction technology to supply Ford, others

PRNewswire (September 14, 2022) EnergySource Minerals Selected by Compass Minerals as Direct Lithium Extraction Technology Provider

Forbes (August 31, 2022) California’s Lithium Rush For EV Batteries Hinges On Taming Toxic, Volcanic Brine

CNN Business (May 11, 2022) This California desert could hold the key to powering all of America's electric cars

CNN Business [video] (May 10. 2022) This toxic lake has enough lithium to supply US electric vehicles for decades.

CNBC (May 4, 2022) The Salton Sea could produce the world’s greenest lithium, if new extraction technologies work

CNBC [video] (May 4, 2022) How The Troubled Salton Sea Could Become The World’s Largest Lithium Supplier

PRNewswire (May 3, 2022) EnergySource Minerals Raises Strategic Investment from Schlumberger and TechMet to Scale Lithium Extraction Technology

DW (April 28, 2022) California's Salton Sea: from environmental crisis to lithium goldmine?

PRNewswire (December 1, 2021) ES Minerals Scales Deployment of ILiAD Lithium Extraction Platforms in the U.S.; Promotes Sustainably Sourced Lithium and Domestic Supply Chain for EV Industry

Think GeoEnergy (November 22, 2021) Permits in place for geothermal Lithium production at the Salton Sea

PRNewswire (November 18, 2021) EnergySource Minerals Receives Approvals on Project ATLiS: Salton-Sea-Based Geothermal Extraction Operation

Marketplace (November 3, 2021) Can a magic box full of new tech help solve the climate crisis?

PRNewswire (August 16, 2021) ES Minerals Readies ILiAD Platform for Deployment to South America; Establishes New Standard for “Sustainably-Sourced Lithium” Technology for the EV Industry

E&E News (October 30, 2019) How lithium could be California's next 'gold rush'

San Diego Union-Tribune (October 17, 2019) Lithium could be the economic boost that Imperial County needs

Oil Price (October 17, 2019) The Lithium Even Elon Couldn’t Buy

KPBS (October 16, 2019) San Diego company says it can extract lithium from geothermal brine

Think Geoenergy (October 14, 2019) Minerals arm of EnergySource successful in lithium extraction from geothermal

LA Times (October 14, 2019) Lithium will fuel the clean energy boom. This company may have a breakthrough

LA Times (October 11, 2019) Extracting lithium at the southern end of the Salton Sea

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